Digital Media Centre

The Digital Media Centre is to be located close to the new Leicester Performing Arts Centre. A further addition to the rapidly growing Cultural Quarter in St George's.


Anonymous said...

I've got to ask the Devil's advocate question: Is this something that the majority of Leicester people are even remotely interested in?

With such a pretentious sounding title and no real indication of what it is actually for I find it hard to beleive that this isn't an elitist white elephant designed solely to impress the square-rimmed glasses trendies from London - none of whom will ever actually move to Leicester.

I find the whole idea that you can label somewhere a 'cultural quarter' and somehow expect anything genuinely enlightening to happen there very dubious.

Any single street in Highfields is heaving with more International AND home-grown culture than any expensive 'Digital Media Centre'.
How come there is money for this yet our Caribbean Carnival was cancelled last year for want of a paltry £64000 and our medieaval castle hall remains rotting and closed to the public?

Leicester Regeneration said...

I think the Digital Media Centre is just a replacement for the Phoenix Arts Centre.

It is probably a good idea to gather all the cultural facilities in one part of the city centre. Hopefully they can then feed off each other.

Leicester is not addressing mainstream audiences though and there is a real need for a facility, such as a multi-purpose indoor arena. You will find a link on my blog, to a petition calling for this.

Thankfully the Carribean Carnival was back this year!

I truly agree with you about the lack of action on what to do with Leicester Castle. the whole precinct is a wonderful area and the castle is steeped in major British history.

Anonymous said...

An arena would be good - it would certainly have more appeal to the people who already live in Leicester.

As for moving all the 'culture' into one place - I think thats a futile exercise. Culture isn't defined by buildings. It would be like saying you intend to move all the air into one part of the city! If it helps the Phoenix though then great (why not just keep the name too?)

sally said...

It would be wonderful if the legacy Phoenix Arts has created were recognised in the new centre. Keeping the name would enable people to make a stronger connection and have a clearer understanding of what the new centre will be.

The DMC proposes very ambitious visitor numbers and digital activity. I hope that during the time before it opens there will be plenty of opportunities for local people, emerging and established artists (whether digital or not) to get involved and really bring the idea to life. If people are encouraged to engage with the DMC they are more likely to support it's work when it opens.

There are lots of issues, but ultimately it would be terrible if the centre doesn't live up to all the great things it says it will do. Give people a chance to get involved and it will become a success! Good luck!